Reignite your passion and optimize your workflows.

Mindset and time management are at the core of redefining your journey and creating a surge forward in your passion, career, and happiness. Tap into the resources, tools, and insights to Find Your Surge.

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OCTO Planning System

Take back control of your day and maximize your productivity using time blocking and impact methodologies in how you approach every day.

What else is in the works…

I have a passion for sharing tools, resources and my stories to help other marketing professionals thrive. I am working on a few other projects to help you streamline projects so you have room for the ones that bring you joy, a podcast that features candid conversations to spark new perspectives, and a book telling my story of burnout and rediscovery.

Find Your Surge is a company developed to provide marketing professionals the resources, tools, and insights to reignite their passion for marketing, optimize their workflows, and experience career growth.

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