Mastering Influence: 5 Steps that Fuels a Marketer’s Impact and Growth 

Marketing possesses the skills and potential to transcend mere brand awareness, the creation of marketing materials, social media posts, and support for internal business development and sales teams. With the right knowledge, marketing can play a pivotal role in achieving corporate growth objectives and supercharging results.

When you achieve success and can demonstrate your impact in alignment with organizational goals, you reposition marketing as a vital participant at the leadership table. But how can you reach that level of influence?

Every organization boasts its unique culture and willingness to embrace marketing professionals. Overcoming preconceived notions about the role of marketing and the value it can bring to strategic initiatives can be a challenging task. However, dedicating time and effort to secure a seat at the table, whether it’s with your internal clients or your company’s leadership team, will dramatically alter your career trajectory.

I’ve encountered various organizations throughout my career, ranging from those with toxic cultures to those that empower marketing professionals to lead. Regardless of the environment, the core principles of earning respect, trust, and partnership remain consistent.

Here’s my go-to framework, thoughtfully crafted to leverage the foundational skills already in your marketing toolkit, alongside a change management framework to prepare you for success.

  1. Knowledge is Power: Start by knowing your organization inside out, understanding the key players, and mastering your product. Deep knowledge is your foundation.
  2. Understanding Your Goal: I strongly recommend embarking on this journey only if it aligns with your career aspirations and personal values. It’s a path that demands commitment, passion, and a desire to make a real impact. If you’re merely looking for a 9-5 job without emotional investment, this path may not be right for you. Passion for your role and your organization significantly contributes to building trust in your commitment to making a meaningful impact.
  3. Believing You Can Make Change: Your mindset is paramount. If you believe that your internal clients will never change or that your organization won’t support your path, you need to work on your mindset first. Assess if this is the right company for you and whether you can succeed within its culture. Remember, you can’t change people, but you can change how you interact with them, ultimately reshaping how they perceive you as a partner.
  4. Make a Plan: Don’t just go about trying to evoke change without thinking through and creating a meaningful, intentional plan. Ensure you are getting to know and build partnerships with the right people. Think about the obstacles that come with who they are, arm yourself with tools, messages, and tactics that will resonate with them, and slowly build a partnership with you. This means understanding what drives them, what resistance you expect, and how you can ensure they are armed for success too.
  5. Being Committed to Show Up: Success in this endeavor hinges on your commitment to showing up, not just for yourself, but also for your internal clients and organization, every day. Your passion for what you do must be a driving force behind your daily efforts.

So, here’s the bottom line: If you want to propel your career to new heights, you must create an impact that truly matters and possesses the influence to access the knowledge required for that impact. This necessitates a fundamental shift in your daily approach. Understand that this isn’t an overnight transformation or a 30-60-90 day transition. However, I can assure you that you’ll begin to witness subtle changes within six months. Before you know it, things will pick up speed as enthusiasm builds, and everyone will seek your insights. This is a moment to reflect, celebrate, and continue pushing forward because you’re just beginning to achieve greatness in your journey.

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