I’m a solopreneur with big ideas, passionate marketer obsessed with results, planner enthusiast determined to wrangle my time, and digital course creator looking to help other marketers thrive.

I haven’t left the corporate world just yet, but after more than 20 years working across multiple professional service organizations, I developed an overwhelming desire to share with other marketers ways to shift mindsets and break free from the chaos.

I developed a planning system that serves as a foundation for success in creating partnerships that drive career growth and can help you find the excitement and joy you once had for marketing before you were buried under a pile of projects with unrealistic, competing deadlines.

Better yet, I am building a library of high value digital courses and best-in-class resources to enable you to focus your time on what matters and spend less time on building the support you need to Find Your Surge in your career and your passion.

Let’s do this!

MY Promise
to You

Results Focused

Your time is valuable and you are already busy working through that pile of projects and meeting those crazy deadlines. If you are spending time with me or working my program, it will drive results! I will NEVER waste your time.


I am your biggest cheer leader! I believe in you and will push you to tap into your potential and am committed to provide you with the tools and resources you need to find success.


I know that every organization, and every person is different. Everything I develop is meant to be customizable to your unique situation and support your unique needs. Even when it comes to those particularly challenging internal clients.


More than anything I value you! I value what it is important to you, I value your professional journey, I value your happiness. Your success is what makes me light up.

Let’s surge together.