Catalyst of Change

Transforming Success through Storytelling and Repositioning

In this case study, we explore the success achieved by implementing a new business development approach to crafting proposals and presentations using the power of storytelling. Positioned as the catalyst of change, I took the lead in persuading initially resistant internal clients to embrace this innovative approach. As a result, the organization witnessed a remarkable shift in win rates, soaring from a modest 20% to a staggering nearly 90%. This transformation serves as a testament to the profound impact that understanding the power of influence and storytelling can have on an organization’s growth and success.


Shifting the perceptions of business development/sales professionals can be quite challenging. However, taking them to a level where they see you as a partner, helping them tell a compelling story that leads to more wins, is a whole different ballgame. My role involved supporting multiple teams, including commercial real estate brokers, property management leaders, and project and development leaders. These teams were already successful in growing their sales through relationship building and networking, with little reliance on marketing beyond formatting and editing their writing.

Working with a diverse group of personalities and egos posed a significant challenge in steering them towards a new direction. When I joined the firm, my main objective was to change how marketing was perceived and quickly gained momentum by achieving wins with my business development/sales partners. This success became the foundation for introducing a new tool supported by our corporate marketing team.

To equip ourselves with the necessary skills and knowledge, we engaged in immersive training focused on solution selling through storytelling. This training prepared us to implement the new process effectively with our teams.

Catalyst of Change

To acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, I participated in immersive training focused on solution selling through storytelling. This training prepared me to effectively implement the new process with my partners.

Working in collaboration with our local leaders, I introduced the new selling process to our research leader and operational staff, who joined forces with me to support our marketing efforts. Once everyone was well-informed, we collaborated with one of the brokers who had an open mindset towards adopting new business development tactics to continue his growth trajectory.

By working closely with him, my partners in operations and I gained real-time insights into how the process worked during its implementation. We also identified specific challenges and resistance points the brokers might encounter when engaging in the new process. This involved truly immersing ourselves in understanding him, his clients, and the problems he was solving. The process brought us together as a team, fueled by the excitement of venturing into something new and creative, reigniting our passion for marketing.


Not only did we win the assignment and establish a strong connection with the broker who continued to use the new process, but we also had a significant impact. When we presented our approach and the results at our next town hall, teams approached me afterward, wondering why I hadn’t introduced this new process to them earlier. This sparked a wave of exciting new partnerships and victories, transforming us from mere marketing task-takers to strategic partners throughout the entire sales enablement process.

I found myself being pulled into client calls to ensure the right questions were being asked, brainstorming creative ways to tell our story, and fostering a dynamic synergy between our marketing partners and internal clients. This passionate involvement fueled my drive for marketing and making a meaningful impact on the organization.

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Marketing, Communications, and Business Development Leader

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I had a vision of creating a more strategic partnership between Sales Professionals and Marketing to ultimately better service the needs of clients and prospects. The model I inherited was one where Sales Professionals dictated solutions to the Marketing team. The challenge was to find the right partner who could be confident enough to earn the trust of strong sales professionals that never experienced a true partnership with marketing.

Elisha in short order proved to be that partner. She had a wide variety of marketing experience across multiple industries and had a collaborative personality to allow others to flourish in areas where they had the expertise, quickly earning their trust in her, as she challenged the status quo and provided alternate ideas. This concept quickly increased both opportunities and win rates, driving revenue and profit.

As a result of her progress, the proposing solutions selling concept piloted in her geography was rolled out nationally. Elisha can help transform a Marketing Department or a marketing professional and is the ideal leadership partner to the business.

Mike McCurdy, Managing Principal
Global Commercial Real Estate Firm

Having worked with you these past few years I know you will be extremely successful at whatever you do. (If you could manage us, you can do anything!) Thank you for all of your diligence and the absolutely INCREDIBLE strides you made in turning our marketing into the gold standard. I am one of the few who saw both the “old way” and your way, but through the lens of someone who wasn’t so used to the “old way” that it just became acceptable. The differences that you made coming on-board and the edge you provided us really gave us a sense that we could compete with anyone. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication and your total commitment to the entire team and to helping us succeed.

Dan Brogan, Senior Director
Global Commercial Real Estate Firm

Elisha has an innate ability to help salespeople curate a successful presentation with a combination of tools that include fact gathering, detailed outlines and effective delivery tactics. This repeatable and adaptable process is more thoughtful, comprehensive and impactful than any other method I have come across. It provided quick results in the form of multiple wins soon after we implemented it within our office.

Jack Meyers, Executive Director
Global Commercial Real Estate Firm