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Whether you’re a seasoned marketer looking to elevate your career or seeking to reignite your passion for marketing, our specialized programs have got you covered. With over 20 years marketing experience and thousands of hours coaching, mentoring and collaborating with marketing professionals, I have put together a collection of transformative coaching sessions, immersive workshops, and learning resources designed specifically for marketers. Start your journey of rediscovery and unlock new horizons of success.

Unsure where to start?

Schedule a FREE 30-minute Clarity introductory session to introduce me to your current state, vision, and goals to see if my offerings are a fit for you.

1:1 Coaching

Alignment Advantage

Embark on a transformative journey with our exclusive 3-session 1:1 coaching experience that goes beyond mere guidance – it’s a soul-stirring opportunity to unlock the full potential of your marketing career. Uncover the power of clarity and alignment as we delve deep into your current state and career vision, igniting a renewed sense of purpose and passion within you. But that’s not all – brace yourself for a game-changing custom alignment framework meticulously crafted to fuel your growth and propel your marketing endeavors to extraordinary heights.

SESSION 1: Get ready to get real with yourself and gain clarity around your career vision (45 minutes)

SESSION 2: Deep dive into roadblocks, gaps, and opportunities to achieving your vision (60 minutes)

SESSION 3: Develop customized roadmap to clearly define the steps you need to take to start your journey (45 minutes)

$697. for Alignment Advantage 3-Session Package

$350. for each additional 1:1 Session or
Bundle and Save, 6 Sessions for $1,500.


Strategic Leadership Catalyst

Unleash your leadership potential with our Strategic Leadership Catalyst – a profound 12-week 1:1 coaching journey. Discover the art of transformation as you evolve from a task-taker to an impactful strategic partner. Craft your personalized action plan, master the art of forging powerful relationships, building unwavering trust, and wielding influence at every career juncture.

  • MODULE 1: Setting the stage for success, we will meticulously review the roadmap and critical success factors to ensure you stay inspired every step of the way.
  • MODULE 2: Let’s gain clarity on the individuals you seek to partner with—the essential cast of characters. We will delve deep into how to position yourself effectively and overcome any resistance.
  • MODULE 3: We will work together to ensure you don’t take on more than you can handle. Create a realistic plan that considers what you can tackle, the necessary tools you need to develop, and the future you want to shape.
  • MODULE 4: It’s time to absorb all the knowledge and wisdom required to position yourself for unprecedented success.
  • MODULE 5: Now, you will start defining and implementing your action plan to make tangible progress towards your goals!
  • MODULE 6: We will maintain the momentum and track your results to keep you motivated and steadily progressing towards greatness.

This exclusive influence coaching workshop operates on an application-only basis. Take the first step towards becoming a visionary leader by inquiring now! Discover the true potential that lies within you and embrace the transformation that awaits.


5-Part Workshop

Project Fusion Workshop

In this extraordinary workshop, you will experience the true power of storytelling, enabling you to captivate your internal clients and leadership, forging profound alignment and unwavering buy-in. Gain unwavering confidence as you not only secure project approval but also equip yourself with a strategy that you can implement throughout your career. Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity to unleash your potential!

The workshop will be divided into 5 parts, starting with creating clarity around your audience and the problem, challenge, or need you are addressing. Next, we will collaboratively explore your proposed strategy and solutions from various angles, ensuring a truly customized approach. Then, we will align the proposed solution with the overall needs and objectives of your audience, effectively connecting the project’s success to overarching goals.

Now comes the exciting part: crafting a compelling story that resonates with your audience on both a logical and emotional level. Lastly, we will identify evidence of success and establish goal KPIs to ensure regular measurement of progress and the ability to pivot as necessary along the way.


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Multi-Day Marketing Retreat

The Impact Catalyst

Elevate your marketing team’s prowess and earn them the respect they deserve! Join our immersive multi-day retreat – available both onsite and virtually – and witness a remarkable transformation.

This retreat begins with a strategic session focused on understanding your organizational growth goals. We then align your teams’ and individuals’ goals with these objectives, providing them with purpose and connectivity to create a real impact for your organization.

Next, we delve into the significance of each individual team member. We help them craft a personalized action plan to nurture their mindsets and passion for marketing, enabling them to deliver exceptional results, because creatives can move mountains when they are excited and engaged!

Lastly, we conclude the retreat by guiding the team through effective planning for impact. We show them how to navigate their to-do lists in a manner that ensures they allocate their best efforts to meaningful projects.

Additionally, we help identify streamlining opportunities to ease stress and overwhelm, enabling them to maintain the mindset needed to foster growth both personally and for the organization.

Don’t miss this opportunity to empower your marketing team and witness their remarkable growth! Limited availability, inquire now to secure your spot in this life-changing retreat!

Custom pricing based on programming, email me with your contact information and a quick summary of what you desired outcomes are so we can get the conversation started.

Limited Time: FREE Digital Course

Impact Planning Masterclass

Don’t miss out on this limited-time FREE offering of the Impact Planning Masterclass, where I delve into the methodology behind the OCTO Planning System.

In this course, our focus will be on creating a strong foundation for time management, habit-building, focus, and overall impact. Building this foundation will enable you to grow and rediscover your passion for marketing once again.

The course commences with an exploration of the importance of YOU. We will discuss ways to fuel your mindset, preparing you for making positive changes in your life and tapping into your creativity to excel as a marketer. Next, we dive into the process of aligning yourself to achieve maximum impact, ensuring that you invest your time where it truly matters, not on trivial distractions.

We’ll then take the time to explore methods to clear the noise and eliminate stressors from your daily routine. This includes brainstorming and prioritizing strategies to streamline your work, providing you with a toolkit that will serve you throughout your career.

Lastly, we’ll discuss how to implement this methodology immediately, so you can start decluttering your work life, creating impactful results, and reigniting your passion for marketing.

Register today to take advantage of this limited-time FREE offering during its launch. Act fast because, after the initial 30 days, the course will be priced at $79. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to enhance your marketing journey! Set to launch mid-September.

Marketing & Leadership Alignment

Elevate Your Impact

Are you tired of your marketing team being seen as mere task-takers?

Do you aspire to reshape perceptions and evolve into strategic partners, driving your organization’s growth objectives?

I’m here to guide you through a transformative experience – your inaugural marketing and leadership alignment workshop with your executive leadership. Let’s collaboratively construct a framework that will empower you to orchestrate a workshop yielding well-defined growth objectives. Discover how marketing can intricately weave strong strategies and campaign development, directly aligned with impactful key performance indicators that will exhilarate your leadership team.

This year, reimagine your team’s goals with a fresh perspective – ones that tangibly contribute to revenue expansion, market share growth, enhanced team capabilities, and consequential impact. This comprehensive alignment workshop commences with leadership and culminates with your entire marketing team, spanning across three dynamic sessions.

Session One: Leadership Workshop – Engage in a comprehensive 3-hour session with your leadership team. Coalesce around the company’s strategic trajectory and discern where marketing can catalyze heightened awareness, conversions, and impactful outcomes, in perfect harmony with their aspirations.

Session Two: Planning Workshop – Dive into a focused 2-hour planning session with your marketing team leaders. Hone in on crafting specific objectives and laying the foundation for key performance indicators that will transparently showcase their data-backed contributions.

Session Three: Brainstorming and Innovation – Conclude with a stimulating 2-hour brainstorming session involving your entire marketing team. Unleash creative and innovative “big ideas” designed to make a splash in the market and pave the way for tangible results.

Together, let’s steer your marketing team from being task-oriented to becoming the driving force behind strategic growth. Elevate your impact, transform perceptions, and carve a distinctive path toward success.

Need a Business Case First? Let’s Connect!


“I had a vision of creating a more strategic partnership between Sales Professionals and Marketing to ultimately better service the needs of clients and prospects. The model I inherited was one where Sales Professionals dictated solutions to the Marketing team. The challenge was to find the right partner who could be confident enough to earn the trust of strong sales professionals that never experienced a true partnership with marketing.

Elisha in short order proved to be that partner. She had a wide variety of marketing experience across multiple industries and had a collaborative personality to allow others to flourish in areas where they had the expertise, quickly earning their trust in her, as she challenged the status quo and provided alternate ideas. This concept quickly increased both opportunities and win rates, driving revenue and profit.

As a result of her progress, the proposing solutions selling concept piloted in her geography was rolled out nationally. Elisha can help transform a Marketing Department or a marketing professional and is the ideal leadership partner to the business.”

Mike McCurdy, Managing Principal
Global Commercial Real Estate Firm

“I feel very fortunate to have worked with Elisha on major strategic pursuits. This included intelligence gathering, teaming strategy, relationship building, technical proposal and presentation execution. I have worked with senior marketing managers my entire career and believe Elisha clearly has the three characteristics that distinguish the great ones.

The first skill of a great senior marketing manager is to become the leader of the proposal team, rising above just coordinating. Elisha gives clear direction and effectively messages deliverables to progress the pursuit.

The second skill is the ability to influence proposal content and produce a proposal document of winning quality. Her ability to execute the formal team reviews were well organized and truly appreciated.

The third skill is the skill to make sure the presentation is messaged properly and contains clear win themes and differentiators. Elisha was very creative to make sure we took advantage of comprehensive differentiators while also addressing the evaluation criteria.

Elisha achieves success through proper delegation, just-in-time training, and constant motivation. She motivates the team to perform by tapping into humor, establishing individual working relationships, and harnessing the team’s competitiveness. She also communicates clearly, often, and enthusiastically, encouraging cooperation and keeping the momentum for the team.”

Thomas J. Spearing, III, Senior Vice President, Strategic Major Pursuits
Global Construction Engineering Company

Let’s build something great together.