Go beyond time blocking
& focus planning

Create a surge in your career and reignite your passions.

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What is impact methodologies?

Time is our most valuable asset and too many of us move through the day trying to get everything done to the highest quality possible and are left burnt out and overwhelmed. By layering in the level of impact a project or task has over your planning strategies you can reignite your passion and streamline your workflows. Take back your day by inserting a new mindset in how you attack and prioritize your day. Everything should fall into three categories: Growth, Passion or Streamline. Then layer this level of importance into your normal time blocking and focus planning styles.


First, determine if the project or task will create growth for your organization or career. If so, then it makes the focus list.


Next, determine if the project or task creates joy and excitement for YOU, even if it doesn’t align to your company’s priorities. If so, then it makes the focus list.


Then streamline everything else! Create frameworks and tools so you can move through tasks quickly, effectively, leaving more time for the things that move your career forward and bring you joy.