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Rediscover your passion for marketing as you
navigate the corporate hierarchy to elevate your impact.

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Surge is defined as a sudden powerful forward or upward movement, especially by a crowd or by a natural force such as the waves or tide.

I created Find Your Surge so you can rediscover your passion and create forward momentum in your growth.

Connect & Collaborate

The path to growth is through connection with those who practice your craft. I invite you to the Find Your Surge Facebook Group. This group connects you with one another to share your successes and joy, find encouragement and guidance, and collaborate. Everyone is welcome, whether you are still in school, just entering the workforce, or a seasoned veteran. There is always room for growth!


Need to find a way to break through the surface?

Check out my free masterclass to find how I overhauled my planning and created time!

Yes, I said… CREATED TIME!

Ready to kick the “Arts & Crafts” perception of Marketing?

Changing perceptions of marketing is not easy. If you have gotten in a rut of surviving the daily barrage of tasks thrown at you, it is easily forgotten that you have much more to offer than prettying up a presentation. Interested in the steps you need to take to reposition yourself? Sign up to be notified when our next digital course is scheduled: From “Arts & Crafts” to “Trusted Partner,” Changing Perceptions of Marketing.



One-Hour Blocks

Team Training:
Under Water?


Half-Day On-Site

Team Retreat: From “Arts & Crafts” to “Trusted Partner”


Full Day On-Site

Find Your Surge

Founded by Elisha Miller, Find Your Surge, is a digital learning community for marketing professionals.

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