Planning System

Create Growth
Reignite Passion
Streamline Everything Else

The octopus is one of the most flexible creatures in the animal kingdom, with eight legs, nine brains, and three hearts. They embody the attributes high-performers have in order to juggle the onslaught of projects and continuously shift mindsets needed to excel, all while conceptualizing creative, disruptive solutions that drive results.

Never ending to-do lists and unrealistic deadlines leaving you exhausted and uninspired?

Are you looking to find a better way?

01 Focus on Growth

Organize your work schedule to ensure that you work on these projects during your peak productivity hours.

02 Reignite Passion

Make room for projects that bring you joy every week. Maintaining a positive mindset is crucial for optimal performance

03 Streamline!

Streamline your work by creating tools, templates, and resources that will clear the clutter and allow you time to thrive where it matters most!

Who is this for?

If any of the following sound like you, grab a copy today and start to change how you approach every day!

I have lost the excitement and passion I once had to truly be creative and bring my best to work.


I am tired of working on so many projects that do no result in my growth, much less results for the organization.


I can’t seem to get my head above water long enough to even think about being strategic.


Create an Impact!

“You have made such a tremendous impact on my career, and your mentorship has been instrumental in helping me achieve my professional goals.

“She gave me direction, understanding, and purpose for the work we were doing. Through her mentorship, I secured one professional opportunity to another.”

“Elisha’s mentorship greatly affected the trajectory of my professional development. As a mentor, she is thoughtful in her guidance and generous with her time.”

Foundational Elements of the
OCTO Planning System

4 Core Focus Areas

The OCTO Planner guides you to categorize your tasks to optimize your career growth, foster a positive mindset, meet deadlines, and keep long-term projects moving forward.

Building Your Toolkit

With the OCTO Planning System you will be promoted to discover ways to utilize the work you are already doing to create tools, resources, and frameworks to streamline projects so you can spend more time on what matters.

Blocking Aligned to Impact

The OCTO Planning System framework sets you up to create consistency in how you approach each day, mastering the skill of auditing your meetings, blocking peek hours for high value projects, and working in self-care.

Customize Your Approach

Get real with yourself, your internal clients, your leadership, and what you really want so you can customize your approach to work for you. The planner is designed to allow you to modify how you interact with it and make it work for you.

Still Have Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

What differentiates this planning approach from focus, blocking or habit planning?

It is all about taking tried-and-true tactics and layering in a mindset that puts your career and happiness at the forefront. Most planning approaches give your the framework to organize your time, but do not guide you through what to focus your time on and how to create room to breath while sparking joy.

How is this planning method realistic with the constant onslaught of unrealistic deadlines?

I have been there! Slow and steady wins the race. By first understanding how your mindset can reframe how your look at your list of deadlines, then to taking small steps over a period of time to create tools, resources, and frameworks to help you move projects out of your way so you can focus on the good stuff. There is a method to the madness and it will lead you to be able to keep pace and grow!

What if I have recommendations to make this planning system work better for me?

This is my first release of the OCTO Planning System and it is all about your success, so I am always a click away ready to hear you and refine my products to better meet your needs! Email me at elisha.miller@findyoursurge.com or visit one of our social channels to engage in the conversation. I LOVE input and collaboration, so let’s chat!

“I wish I had the insight I have now before I started hopping from job to job trying to find the answer to maintaining my professional growth and passion without compromising delivering on the demand.”

More than 20 years in marketing, 7 different organizations, 5 teams of marketers, and thousands of late nights, working through the weekend and a few all-nighters taught me a lot about myself and a lot about how to create a career that brings me joy.

My goal with launching Find Your Surge is not to teach you just the skills and theories needed in create great marketing, but to bring to you the mindset shifts and systems you can put into place to realize your potential and not drown while doing it.

The answers are not at a new organization, new position, or niched down version of your current job description. There is not a “perfect” organization, leader, or job that will create your success. YOU create it!

The OCTO Planning System is an accumulation of the approaches I have taken in my own career to create a foundation for success and have passed down to my teams to realize growth in their careers and ensure everyone is passionate about their job, because passion equates results!

Your chance to become more resilient, build systems that create efficiencies, and soar in your career by reframing how you think about you attack your projects, view your internal clients, and align to your organizational goals is available to you right now!

All you need to have is the drive to want more, be happier and KNOW there is a better way! I promise you, I will not waste your time. I know the struggles, I know the obstacles. It is time to put yourself first. YOU are worth it.

Can’t wait to help you Find Your Surge!